The idea for “Far Afield: A Conservation Love Story” came from Jonathan Schechter the Executive Director of the Charture Institute and 1% for the Tetons. The film was made by JenTen Productions for those two organizations.


The Charture Institute is a Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based think tank focused on growth, change, and sustainability in Places of Ecological and Aesthetic Significance (PEAS).

Such communities – places such as resort or national park gateway communities – have been growing and changing rapidly in the last 1-2 decades, raising concerns about whether they can sustain their essential qualities. Charture’s mission is to help these communities understand what’s happening to them, act to identify and sustain their essential qualities, and develop mechanisms for funding their sustainability efforts.

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1% for the Tetons was inspired by the organization created in 2001 by Yvon Chouinard, environmental activist and founder of Patagonia, Inc., and Craig Matthews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies – 1% for the Planet. Given the challenges facing our planet- from the global to local scale – these organizations provide a venue for businesses to give back to their environments, creating a tangible tie between economic prosperity and environmental sustainability

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After production costs are paid, funds donated to or generated by this documentary go to the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund, a conservation non-profit whose mission is “to help maintain viable and sustainable wildlife populations into the future, especially in Wyoming and Jackson Hole, through support of research, education, habitat protection and habitat restoration.”

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